Name of the criminal: Frank Abagnale

Type of crime: White Collar

Detective in charge: Joseph Shea

Victim: Air France

Date of crime: May, 1969

Place: France

Trial and sentencing: The trial lasted two days. He was sentenced to one year which was reduced to only half a year.

Birth (date and place): April 27, New York, United States

Family information: He was one out of four children and lived for sixteen years in The Bronx, NY. His parents separated when he was twelve and divorced when he was fourteen

Occupation: Security Consultant
Turning points in his life: His first con which was in the year 1963. It was done when his dad gave him a credit card to load gasoline, and he used it to buy tires, batteries, and other car related items and then asked for a refund in cash. His dad was charged $3,400,
He was captured in France in the year 1969, and escaped prison in April, 1971.
Traces or signature they left at the 

crime scene: Frank was a smart man, he never left any traces and always blended in with his environment, though luck didn’t do him well.

How he was caught: A flight attendant for Air France which Frank had previously dated recognized him and informed the cops.

Conviction and death: Frank had twelve countries press charges against him for fraud and ask for his extradition, but after a two day trial, he was sentenced to a year worth of prison. He appealed and had his sentence reduced to six months. After being extradited to Sweden, he was pressed charges against for forgery, and was charged another six months. He was deported to the United States where he was sentenced to twelve years for forgery, but he escaped when he had served somewhere around six years. Frank is still alive.

Description of physical elements: Frank was an average sized with a regular build. He used to be black haired and had a somewhat ‘big’, per se, face. He was always dressed in order to fit in his environment, be it a plane, a shop, or an armored guard service.

Description of psychological elements: He was a smart man who knew how to exploit peoples personalities and their feelings in order to take advantage of them. He was also really witty, and knew his way around most situations normal people wouldn’t be able to handle.

Detective’s Biography
Birth (place and date): Nottingham, 1943

Traces they found at crime scenes: None, the arrest was done because of a flight attendant’s report.

How they caught the criminals: The detective himself didn’t catch Frank the first time, as he was deported from Sweden to the United States, where he was imprisoned.

Setting (time, date, description): Paris, France. April, 1969, around noon.

Characters: Joseph Shea and Frank Abagnale Jr. There’s also a guard which takes Frank out of the room after punching Joseph.

Plot: Joseph is interviewing Frank in order to obtain critical information for the case he is currently investigating, but, will Frank give him what he wants?

Characterization: Joseph is your stereotypical detective, fedora-wearing guy with rolled sleeves, while Frank is your stereotypical white collar criminal, always looking sharp and well dressed.

Special Effects to Insert: Fade to Black & White when Joseph puts on his fedora, and sound effects when Joseph is punched.

Music: None will be used.



Detective: Haven’t see you around for a while. Who have you been?

Frank: You don’t need to know. I want to know why I’m here. I’ve been a free man for years.
Detective: What other crimes have you committed?
Frank: I told you everything already, I’m clean.
Detective: There’s always some dirt. Where is it?
Frank: Well, I did commit forgery and check fraud, but you knew about that already.
Detective: Wait? Check forgery? We didn’t know about that.
Frank: Yes, it’s what I did to fund my first few months, a few of my mates helped me.
Detective: Okay. Who heloed you?
Frank: Why would I tell you? You would send him into prison.
Detective: No, we won’t. There’s a check forger out there and we need to catch him.
Frank: He’s a good friend of mine, unless you pay me a million dollars. Cash.
Detective: Really? Selling out a friend? Didn’t expect that from you.
Frank: Life’s tough. Are you willing to pay the fee or not?
Detective: Yes. What is his name?
Frank: Frank Gerrard.
Detective: Okay, do you know where he is?
Frank: Yes. He’s inside Norway.
Detective: Thanks. Do you want him to know you ratted him out?
Frank: No, I’ll be dead within weeks.
Detective: Okay. We need more information, what did he do?
Frank: Back in the day, he helped me forge checks and deposit them into Swiss accounts to launder money, haven’t talked to him for a while.
Detective: Okay. Do you know why he did it?
Frank: He was always low on money, so he decided to give me a hand.
Detective: I think we’ve got enough information to throw him into prison. Anything else you want to tell us?
Frank: He’s a bit crazy, takes irrational decisions from time to time.
Detective: Okay. Can you help us capture him? I’m pretty sure he’ll get away from us.
Frank: No, I have no intention on seeing him again. Thanks.
Detective: Thanks for your time, Frank. You’ve been great help.A


Informal letter 

Brown street 7811

 23 of march 2015 

London,United Kingdown

 Vicuña Mackena 771 Viña del mar,Chile

 Yo mate , How are you , how are the things back in the Uk,here in Chile we are all good especially my mon ,she won the lottery now she is a millionere but she won’t lent me any money. Now i live in the city with some chaps they let me stay in he’s house ,i work at the Mcdonals as a salesmen. I alsow bought my Ps4 that i wanted now we can play together when i get electricity .I’ve wanted to go back to the Uk but i dont have any money i wanted to asked you if i could stay the for some time until get a job and i will pay you back . I want be there the soon as possible to be like we were  back in the day sincerly hope you right back soon Raimundo Figueroaimage

Vampire diary entry

30 of march 1922

What a day i’ve have

If you have to chose between 10 persons to kill or two cow ?which would you chose

Today some people tried to kill me then they went to the police department to report the facts i caught them in the act an I have to dow whats is necessary i also whent to the butcher to have some meet, i bought all the meet there an give it to the homeless people ,sow then i can have aliance

31 of march 1922

Today i’ve got some guest to come in my mansion, i close the the basement because there is were i have all the blood secured and safe, The guest have gone I allmost bit one of them, not because i was hungry ,because he was trying to discover me and my blood , now its bed time

1 of april

Today I will go to the police departament , and take for a little walk the chief of my investigation Mr Donovan, He has been triying to caught me ,Mr Donovan is in my house,unconcies ,i Will try to take the most amount of blood of him , I will try to put a metal bucket under him take his clothe out , firtst cut him his vens , then his trought, then just for fun i will take him out his nails of her feet , then his fingers ,cut his skin of the feet and then take out their feet,and to sleep i will read some of Edgar Allan Poe